What are you doing to change the world? Is your organization moving the needle?  Why not tell someone about it? Your passion can connect you to people who can help you make a difference, if you only ask!

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About Claire Holman Thompson

Ask yourself this question: why do you care?  Why are you here?  I believe nonprofits have a lot of heart – I help them because they have a lot of heart.  Are they perfect? No!  But sometimes they move the needle – they make something happen, something real and good. 

Is your nonprofit doing something real and good? TELL SOMEONE!

I invite you to become an informed and impassioned advocate for your organization.  How? It’s simple – tell someone why you care.  Try to tell your story to someone every day.  Be a believer, and maybe even a pest! Share your passion widely with others.  (And guess what?  NOW you’re fundraising!)

Imagine you’ve just told a friend why you really care about your organization.  Did her eyes light up?  KEEP TALKING!  Now is the chance to tell the second part of your story, all about the impact and benefits of your organization.  It can only be told when someone expresses interest. Your personal story + a brief description of how your organization moves the needle = your pitch.  Use it often – it gets easier!  Need help?  See the Make a Passionate Connection tab for ways I can get you, your board, and your whole organization helping to raise funds. 

Review your marketing efforts and make sure they are timed to support your fundraising.  Make sure by the time you tell your story, the donor has heard it around town already – in a good way!  All good fundraising efforts – capital campaigns, annual drives, major gift solicitations – are supported by a strategic media plan.  My guerilla marketing plan is economical, effective, and gets you wide notice for your nonprofit with little or no cash outlay.  Let me help you tell your story effectively by visiting the How May I Help You? section.


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Claire Holman Thompson, a fundraising consultant, speaker and author, has built on an executive-level career in fundraising for universities and museums to form a consulting agency. more...    
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