What are you doing to change the world? Is your organization moving the needle?  Why not tell someone about it? Your passion can connect you to people who can help you make a difference, if you only ask!

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About Claire Holman Thompson

Do you know the song? “This little light of mine…I’m gonna let it shine!”
Are you an impassioned advocate for your cause, or do you hide your light under a bushel?

You should know the good story about your organization.  And you should seek every opportunity to tell it.  But to be most effective, you must start with the reason you personally care about this organization.  Your personal passion is more compelling than any impact statement.  Why?  People who know and love you will get infected with it.  And guess what?  Passionate connection = funds raised.  Connect your passion to a donor’s passion, and together you can make a big light shine on your cause. 

Money flows, and it follows enthusiasm and commitment.  Because you are involved with a nonprofit, I assume that you, like so many, care about making this a better world.

Most of us support nonprofits through because we want to make a difference, and we don’t personally have the knowledge and skills to effect real change in the area that matters most to us. Some of us care about art as a force for learning critical thinking.  Some of us care about housing the homeless.  Others care about helping the downtrodden.  Still others dream of leaving a clean environment for future generations.  Let me tell you: your donors feel the same. 

Donors are people with money to give.  They have more than enough, and they want to share.  More than that, they want to make an impact – they want to move the needle.  They want to get fired up!  Your job as a fundraiser is to make a connection: connect your passion to a donor’s passion, and dollars result. 


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Claire Holman Thompson, a fundraising consultant, speaker and author, has built on an executive-level career in fundraising for universities and museums to form a consulting agency. more...    
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