What are you doing to change the world? Is your organization moving the needle?  Why not tell someone about it? Your passion can connect you to people who can help you make a difference, if you only ask!

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About Claire Holman Thompson

Is your organization moving the needle?  In other words, is your organization really making a difference in the world? Let’s say your nonprofit provides housing to the homeless.  Each time you build a new facility, 50 men and women living on benches, under boxes, and in the woods – and in some cases suffering from diabetes, cancer, alcoholism and more – now have a home, for good.  Congratulations!  You just moved the needle.  Let’s say your family has a child with cerebral palsy who is confined to a wheelchair.  One winter day, you and your disabled child sit in the lodge while your spouse takes your other child skiing.  As usual, everyone feels a little bit mad, sad, and guilty, and it’s hard for anyone to have much fun. But on that day, an instructor from an adaptive sports program invites your child for a sit-ski lesson.  Maybe you weep while you watch this child learn to fly down the slope.  Guess what?  The needle moved.  Something is happening – something real, something good. 

It is easy to raise money for an organization whose programs are the best that they can be.  If you inventing best practices, leading the way in your field, you are golden.  On the other hand, if your nonprofit programs are plain vanilla, you will have to do better if you want to survive.  To achieve excellence, you will have to change your thinking and change your practices (or at least tweak them a little!).

I help my clients move the needle – or learn how to do it if they aren’t already. 

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Claire Holman Thompson, a fundraising consultant, speaker and author, has built on an executive-level career in fundraising for universities and museums to form a consulting agency. more...    
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