What are you doing to change the world? Is your organization moving the needle?  Why not tell someone about it? Your passion can connect you to people who can help you make a difference, if you only ask!

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About Claire Holman Thompson

If I asked you to pick up the phone right now, call someone in your community, and ask for a gift, what would you say?  I know some of you would answer, “I’d rather cut off my head!”  Guess what – cold calling strangers is the least effective way to get a gift.  In order to be successful, you’ll need to
  • Make sure your programs are the best they can be, and that your financial house is in order
  • Make sure people are talking about you in a positive way
  • Carefully identify your very best prospects
  • Cultivate a relationship with those prospects
  • Refine your pitch so that it is both compelling and makes a connection to the donor
  • Repeat, at least ten face-to-face times per month.

Do you and your board need training to help you become better fundraisers?  Schedule a fundraising bootcamp today!

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Claire Holman Thompson, a fundraising consultant, speaker and author, has built on an executive-level career in fundraising for universities and museums to form a consulting agency. more...    
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